About Bobby Bane

It was at the age of 18 that Bob was given a set of turntables and began playing tunes as a dj. Trance was the first music that captivated him. He became a resident dj for Trancesensation , an organization responsible for major gigs in Club Return, Karrewiel, Platte Zoal, etc.

In the early 2000s Bob established himself as DJ Sosa and he played the music he fell in love with ; rare groove, French house, new beat remixes and electro . This music was played in Belgian clubs such as Carat, The Outline & The Level (Illusion). During the following years he performed at many parties playing funky, groovy beats. This involved guest perfomances in clubs like Nightlife (the Church), Lazurra, Bar-a-bar, Montini, Atmoz and many more.

From 2007 onwards he became more interested in electronic underground music which, at that time, was still less popular with the general public. Allthough he was still performing in clubs like Bozzini, Mondial and the Zenith playing house music and eclectic house, Bob started collecting more techno and mininal music , while strictly playing these sounds on smaller, underground gigs. During this period, his love for more simplistic and deeper vibes took the overhand. For this reason he decided, in 2008 to strictly perform as Bobby Bane playing deep house, tech house and minimal. Bobby Bane is a resident at 'Shelter Events'.

Due to his neverending passion for groove, classic house and retro music, Bobby Bane and his good friend and DJ colleague Wish, together formed 'HousePact' in the year 2011.

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